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Welcome: The Department of Education welcomes you to its website and allows you to explore and know whats going on with the Papua New Guinea Department of Education.

2015 Calendar:

The Department of Education (DOE) 2015 Calendar is now available for download

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Press Release:

The Department of Education (DOE) is now embarking on improving the standards of education from 2015 onwards. This means that standards in the school curriculum, teacher preparation and professional development, examinations, inspections, school governance and restructuring of the school system and structures are some of the many components of education which will be improved by a Standards-Based Curriculum (SBC).

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National Education Media Centre

New Website
Check out the new National Education Media Centre Website

National Education Media Centre

East Sepik Province Division of Education

New Website
Check out the new East Sepik Province Division of Education Website

East Sepik Division of Education

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Press Release:

EDUCATION MINISTER LAUNCHES TFFE COMMODITY COMPONENT - Iopara Primary School and other schools in the Abau district of Central Province are the first school in the country to benefit from the trial distribution of students education kits to improve the quality of learning.

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