Registrations / Admissions

Entry Level Requirements for National Certificates

The minimum entry level requirement for National Certificate 1 is Grade 10 success fully completed (no any Failed marks); preferably Upper Pass or above in English and Maths. Grade 12 are also accepted. NC1 is the pre-requisite for NC 2.

Entry Level Requirements for Diploma

The minimum entry level requirement for Diploma is Grade 12 successfully completed without any failed marks, preferably with A,B or C.


Any applicants using false information (including false names and certificates) shall be ineligible to continue as a student at any time during the students, stay in the college, for such cases no refund will be given.

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Payment of Fees and Refund Policy
  1. 1. All fees (Tuition Fee, Miscellaneous, and Hostel Fees) are posted on the college’s Notice Board prior to and during enrollment date. Student pay 60 % of the total school fees upon enrollment in the first semester and the hostel fee should be paid in full. The remaining balance is paid during the first week of second semester. Hostel fee for both Male and Female Students is non-refundable in case of dismissal or withdrawal.

  2. 2. Payment of school fees is done only in the banks.
    The school’s bank account is: 1000 930 788 at BSP Kundiawa.

  3. 3. Personal and Company cheques are accepted only upon prior arrangement with DBSTC administration.

  4. 4. Applicants who are not accepted by the college but have deposited payments to the college account are given their refunds only after enrolment period and upon confirmation of the amount in the bank statement. K20 is deducted for bank charges.

  5. 5. Graduating students who did not complete the payment of their school fees at the end of the year will not be given any school document or references.

  6. 6. Students who have destroyed, lost or misused tools, library books and equipment of the college will be asked to pay for the corresponding cost of the tools, books or equipment damaged or lost.

  7. 7. Fee Refund will not be given to the students, but will be given only to parents or true guardians.

  8. 8. Students who are sponsored by companies or government cannot refund the fees to their personal accounts.

  9. 9. The fees sponsored by Provincial governments or MP’s or Companies is liable to 30% deduction for administrative charges.

  10. 10. Only Tuition fees are refundable in case of withdrawal.