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Kokopo Business College
P.O.Box 504
East New Britain Province

Phone: 982 8556
Fax: 983 8557


Brief History

The College history dates back to the 1960 where the college started at Tavui, where Secretarial courses were offered. Tavui Secretarial College trained Grade 8 students (Form 2 as it used to be called) for secretarial and office jobs in the colonial and pre independence period.

In 1975 the college moved from Tavui to Rabaul and was named as Rabaul Secretarial College on 19th of November 1975.

In 1984, Rabaul Secretarial College (RABSEC) was abandoned due to volcanic scare. However, it was reopened again in 1985 and was renamed to Rabaul Technical College.

In 1990, the name was again changed to the then famous Rabaul Business College. Rabaul Business College was completely destroyed by the twin volcanic eruptions in 1994.

After a period of five years of absence, a new college was established in Kokopo away from Rabaul under the Gazelle Restoration program funded by AUSAID.

The college is now named as Kokopo Business College (KBC) and was officially opened on the 28th June 2000.


KBC is a Government owned institution and comes under the auspicious of the TVET division of the Department of Education.

Location Map

The college is located at Kenabot on Section 4 Lot 19 in Kokopo on the Island of New Britain. It is about 900 Km North East from the Nations Capital, Port Moresby, about 15km from Tokua airport, and 15 Km South West of Rabaul.
Kokopo Business College