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Port Moresby Technical College
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Port Moresby,
NCD Papua New Guinea


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The college was officially opened in 1947 and was in those days a Technical Training Center. Today Port Moresby Technical College is one of four main Technical College in the country (there are also three Business Colleges) and it specializes in ten trades. In the 1980’s the main course program me was the PETT or Pre-Employment Technical Training Certificate. This course taught one single skill and the entry level was Grade 10. In the 1990s a new course was developed and that was known as the Technical Training Certificate course and entry level was Grade 12.

Now there have been further developments and a series of courses are being developed and are simply known as National Certificate courses and they range from National Certificate 1 (NC1) at basic knowledge level to National Certificate 6 which is National Advanced Diploma (NAD) level.

NATIONAL CERTIFICATE 1 COURSE – Entry to this course is either Grade 10 or Grade 12 but we do expect students to have good quality passes (C) to enter the course especially in Mathematics, English and Science. These courses are managed and organized by the National Department of Education. The duration of the course varies depending on the trade (15 – 20 weeks).

NATIONAL CERTIFICATE 2 COURSE – The prerequisite to this course is successful completion of National Certificate 1. This course is managed and organized by the National Department of Education. The duration of the course varies depending on the trade (24 weeks and above).

On successful completion of the course students seek apprenticeships and employment in industry. For National Certificate 2 the end of the course can be coupled with an NATTB trade test – the cost of this is additional and is payable directly to the National Apprenticeship Trade Testing Board.



The College is managed by the a/Principal together with his 2x a/Deputy Principal Administration and Academic. The College has also assistant by a/Registrar who looks after the college financial of the college income and outcome expenses and also looks after the students records. There is also Governing Council group of members from each stake holders from different companies who oversees and governed the betterment of the college surroundings.


Port Moresby Technical College has well Trained Experience teaching Staff with Diploma and Degree in each of the respective trade areas. They are well trained and qualified teachers who can manage and work accordingly on their respective schedules and work together for the betterment of the students.


Port Moresby Technical College has also have Social & Spiritual Activities in and around the college permission for the students. There are schedules days for sporting and fellowships by the respective teachers and the school captain and organized themselves to attend those activity within the school areas.