The Foundation Stone Laying on 27 February 2015 marked another milestone of HRDP1. The event was attended by guests of honor from PNG and the European Union. A foundation stone was built in the construction of the students' dormitory (finalisation autumn 2015, space for 84 students in two-bed rooms).


Digantories, guests of honor attended the official ceremony. Speeches were given - among others - by (from left, front row) the Deputy Secretary of Education Dr Uke Kombra, EU Ambassdor Dr Martin Dihm, Governor of Morobe Province Kelly Naru, and French Ambassador Pascal Maubert.



Site Manager Jean Yalibu and Project Manager Sensik Nimbis at preparations on the foundation. As time capsule a Highland cooking pot was chosen made from clay. The capsule was to be filled with the foundation document and symbolic contemporary objects and to be sunk into the foundation.



At a corner of the fundament a concrete fortified hole was left out for the time capsule. A foundation stone is often also called "corner stone". Later the time capsule was sunk into the hole and sealed with a concrete cover.



Traditional dancers from Lae ahead the procession of guests.



Dr Dihm invited Mr Naru and Dr Kombra to sign the foundation document.



Mr Naru places the foundation document in the time capsule. Jerry Hendingau, the Principal of Balob Teacher College, is holding the capsule.



The time capsule, now wrapped in the PNG flag, was laid on a bed of concrete. The hole was then filled with more concrete and sealed with a concrete cover.



The covered foundation stone was blessed with symbolic hammer blows at the end of the ceremony.