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HRDP1 Scholarship Students' appreciation sent via text message:

"Once again thank you very much for helping me and my poor parents. My outstanding college fee came into my account. My parents are also passing their word of thanks to you and the EU to send this money. We highly appreciate your hard work and may God bless you all."

"Thank you so much for what you are doing in helping the needing and suffering children. I was struggling for the last 13 school years, but now I am free and ready to enjoy my studies. You are highly appreciated and will be rewarded by the Great Lord in heaven. Thank you."

"I am a student or Melanesia Nazarene Teacher College and would like to thank the EU team for the great help."

"I would like to thank you for the good thing that the EU has done to my life. Thank you so much that I got my allowance. Thank you very much."

HRDP1 in Public

On TV:

EMTV - Olsem Wanem, Episode 13 / 1 May 2015


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