Reformed Education Structure

The 3-6-4 and 1-6-6 Structure

Parental Responsibility

Under the Government’s Tuition Fee Subsidy (GTFS) Policy, the Government has made the cost of education a shared responsibility between the state and the parents. The State will contribute 62% of the total National Education Board (NEB) Maximum School Fee Limit cost and parents will pay 38%.

The actual unit fees to be paid by the state and parents based on the 62/38 sharing model for each student per sector will be as follows:

Student Unit Tuition Fee By Sector in Kina

NB: The Approved Permitted Schools are no longer supported by the GTFS Policy. The State will pay the full FODE Fees.

Apart from paying school fees, parents must also honor their obligations to contribute to their children’s education by making sure children are ready for school every day.